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Iraq marry girls starting from the age of 8 years

Iraq is considered a new law that would allow marriage of females ranging from age 8 years. This has provoked strong opposition activists in this country because such a law is seen as a major step back for women’s rights. Activist adware Hana said: “This law is a crime against man and child. Small girls who … Continue reading

Photographer Exposes Hidden World of Child Marriage

Photographer Stephanie Sinclair opens up about her decade-long quest to document the hidden world of child marriage. The United Nations estimates that by 2020, some 142 million girls across the globe will be married before their 18th birthday if current trends persist.   WATCH HERE  “I don’t think people can understand it without seeing the faces,” … Continue reading

Obama Supports Child Kidnappers

Disgusting Pictures of Brainwashing Children

(29/03/13) Disturbing footage of Jabhat Al Nusra insurgents using propaganda to brainwash children with their Jihadist ideals. Hatred of non-Muslims and contempt of democracy being just two of them. Several young children, some of whom have already been compelled to cover from head to toe are filmed singing songs in honour of Jabhat Al Nusra … Continue reading

Armed Groups in Syria Recruit Children: Phenomenon beyond Ethics, Laws

By Ali al-Abdullah It is not unusual that Human Rights Organizations slam the armed groups in Syria for recruiting Syrian minors to fight in their lines. Hundreds of videos and images broadcasted on YouTube reveal that these children fight in the front lines in Syria. This phenomenon was greatly conspicuous in some Syrian countryside, especially … Continue reading

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