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Netanyahu warns of ‘grave mistake’ if France recognises Palestine

Originally posted on Friends of Syria:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns France it would be making a “grave mistake” its parliament votes to recognise a Palestinian state © AFP Gil Cohen Magen Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Sunday that France’s parliament would be making a “grave mistake” if it recognises a…

ISIS sells Yazidi women online

Originally posted on Friends of Syria:
By Zen Adra https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/isis-sells-yazidi-wpmen-online/ | Al-Masdar News An Islamic State fighter posted, on his Facebook page, photos of Yazidi sex slaves he wants to sell online. Abu Assad Almani posted the first picture of a young girl with a simple caption: “She is for sale. To all the bros…

Women are not equal to men, Turkish President tells women’s conference

Originally posted on Friends of Syria:
24/11/2014 – 19:49:47Back to World Home Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has set off a new controversy by declaring that women are not equal to men and accusing feminists of not understanding the special status that Islam attributes to mothers. Addressing a meeting in Istanbul on women and justice,…

In Memory of the Female Dentist Beheaded by ISIS

In memory of Dr. Rou’aa Diab, a female dentist, who was arrested by the Islamic State on August 22, 2014. She was arrested with four others in Al-Mayadeen, a city on the border of Iraq. Without proper trial, Diab was charged with the crime of “treating male patients,” and was executed. As fellow dentists, Dr. … Continue reading

Western Media Ignores Crimes on Women and Children by Obama Backed Terrorists

Originally posted on Friends of Syria:
Shame on you that we do not acting and protesting, and there are thousands of Muslim-, Christians-, Yazidi-, and Shabakki women who are kidnaped by the ISIS bustards and raped dozens of times a day… Why the silence?

Saudi ISIL Militants Filmed Laughing at How They Will Share Yazidi Female Sex Slaves

Originally posted on Friends of Syria:
A recent video has emerged from the northern Iraqi city of Mosul that shows militants belonging to the Islamic State (IS, aka ISIL or ISIS) excited as they discuss that they are on the day when they will sell and buy Yazidi captive females that are treated as sex…

ISIL beheading a uni. professor while her children watching

ISIL terrorists beheaded “Hanna Al-Baghdadi”, former university professor thursday morning while her family and also her children were watching this brutal crime. She was accused of posting some notes in her facebook page against ISIL and critised this terrorist group’s activities against innocent people. – See more at: http://en.alalam.ir/news/1641381#sthash.CbG2He5v.dpuf

‘Won’t even let us kill ourselves’: Ordeal of enslaved Yazidi women

Hundreds of women and girls belonging to the Yazidi religious minority have been enslaved by Islamic State militants, who are selling them, forcing them to marry and convert to Islam, ruining not only their lives, but also the lives of their families. On the Iraqi-Syrian border, RT’s Paula Slier contacted Amira, a woman whose life … Continue reading

Women Raped At Turkish Border of Syria

Young Pakistani Woman Stoned To Death For Having A Cell Phone

Originally posted on Crimes Against Humanity:
By: Asian Human Rights Commission ? Arifa, a mother of two, has been stoned to death on the orders of Panchayat (a tribal court) for possessing a cell phone. She was executed on 11 July in the district of Dera Ghazi Khan in Punjab province. The victim was stoned…

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