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Imam says 6 -7 year old girls can look sexy, even to their own fathers, so cover them up

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Shocking report: Syrian women humiliated, exploited in Turkey

Dima is a confident 21-year-old with pale skin and big brown eyes. Her black headscarf is wrapped loosely around her head above her pink dress. She has two small children and a husband, but he currently works as a cab driver in Lebanon. Every month, Adly sends her money. However, it has been hard to … Continue reading

Iraq marry girls starting from the age of 8 years

Iraq is considered a new law that would allow marriage of females ranging from age 8 years. This has provoked strong opposition activists in this country because such a law is seen as a major step back for women’s rights. Activist adware Hana said: “This law is a crime against man and child. Small girls who … Continue reading

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