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Sharia Rules For Syria ordered by the Obama Backed Opposition

Syria. “For women, no jeans, only burqa.” The Decalogue ultra imposed by Islamic rebels in Aleppo

We publish a statement issued by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in the city of Aleppo from their subsidiary. The Communication contains rules based on sharia that citizens must comply with the second most important city in Syria. Tempi.it received a note from a Christian from Aleppo, Claude Z.

1) It is prohibited for women and girls to wear jeans, trousers and pullovers. They are obliged to wear Islamic dress, the burqa and abaya. Even makeup is prohibited.

2) It is forbidden to smoke cigarettes or shisha from 15 November.

3) The barbers have to close, it is forbidden to cut their hair to men.

4) It is prohibited to display in the windows of women’s clothes. Only women can sell women’s clothes.

5) The male-owned factories that produce women’s clothes or where working women have to close.

6) The advertising in hair salons women should disappear.

7) All persons who will pronounce the name of ‘”Islamic Army of Iraq and the Levant” will receive 70 lashes.

8) It is forbidden to women consult gynecologists males.

9) It is strictly forbidden to young men have hair in a modern or insert anything into the hair.

10) It is forbidden to bring the young blue-jeans.

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