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Al-Jaafari at UNSC Session: Syria is an Example to Be Followed in Women Empowerment

NEW YORK-Syria is a leading country in the Arab and Islamic worlds in terms of empowering women and meeting their needs, stressed Bashar al-Jaafari, Syria’s Permanent Representative at the United Nations. Al-Jaafari, who was speaking last night at the UN Security Council’s Session on “Women, the Rule of Law and Transitional Justice”, said that while … Continue reading

Saudi Sheikh Warns Women that Driving Could Affect Ovaries and Pelvis

Saudi Sheikh Saleh Bin Saad Al-Luhaydan, Private Attorney General and the Psychological Advisor of the Psychological Association in the Gulf states, advised Saudi women to prioritize mind over heart. This was in response to the the driving campaign held by Saudi female activists on October 26 through the websiteoct26driving.com. The declaration on the website has … Continue reading

Turkish Women Fighting For Rights

Turkey: Women Want Equality in the Mosque

Turkish TV presenter Gozde Kansu fired for showing too much cleavage

A TURKISH television presenter who was dismissed after appearing on screen with a low neckline has called for other women to wear the same dress in protest. Gozde Kansu lost her job hosting a Saturday night talent show, Veliaht, after Huseyin Celik, a senior government spokesman, told a TV interviewer that her appearance was unacceptable. … Continue reading

How Wealthy Saudi Sheikhs are Exploiting Syria’s Girls [English Subtitles]

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled to neighboring Jordan from their home country in light of the ongoing war in Syria.   The distress in the hopelessly overcrowded refugee camps is great. Unscrupulous traffickers have recognized this and made ​​a business out of it. So-called ‘matchmakers’ sell Syrian refugee teenager girls to rich Wahhabis … Continue reading

Young Girl Tells how she was Gang Raped by Obama backed Terrorists

Originally posted on Friends of Syria:
This is the story of Rawan Milad Al-Dah, a young Syrian girl explaining how she was repeatedly raped and abused by members of Syrian rebel factions. In a related article, Mariem Karoui writes the following about such devastating occurrences: “A problem remains to be exposed. All human rights activists…

German Report: How Wealthy Saudi Sheikhs are Exploiting Syria’s Girls [English Subtitles]

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