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The Youngest Female Jihadist in Syria to Fight Hezbollah


Obama Pays Terrorists to Execute Children

Syrian Refugee Camps In Turkey – Human Traffickers – 30 Minute Rape Marriages – Syrian Girls Being Purchased

How Muslim Men Are “Helping” Syrian Refugees  by Khaled Abu Toameh Muslim men from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries have asked their embassies to help to help them find Syrian girls living in makeshift refugee camps in Jordan and Iraq. “Exploiting the conditions of the girls in the refugee camps by marrying them temporarily is … Continue reading

No Sanctuary for Syria’s Female Refugees

(CNN) — Feet stumbling in the pitch darkness over the uneven ground we make our way with a group of women to one of the bathrooms in the Zaatari camp. “There is no light, if we come in here there could be a guy hiding or something.” one woman says. None of them want to be … Continue reading

Refugee Camps Are No Longer Safe for Women and Children

Originally posted on Friends of Syria:
The UN refugee agency UNHCR : A massive humanitarian crisis GENEVA — Many Syrians are now desperate to escape from UN-run refugee camps, where women are not safe and teenage boys are recruited as soldiers to fight in the conflict, according to an internal UN report. A self-evaluation of…

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