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Saudi Arabian Women’s Conference… With Not A Female In Sight

An image of a conference in Saudi Arabia on the topic of “women in society” – with not a single female present – has gone viral. The picture features row upon row of men in traditional headscarves and white thobes. A single Westerner in a flannel shirt is the only person breaking up an otherwise … Continue reading

The Looting of Syria

Originally posted on Friends of Syria:
A miniature documentary on some of the ways Syria has been raped and pillaged. -The looting of Oil and Industry -The Sex trafficking of women – Organ trafficking – Trafficking of Artifacts  

The Surprising New Fight Against Domestic Violence in Saudi Arabia

Hundreds of thousands of readers saw this image in their newspaper: A woman in a niqab with a bruised and bloodied left eye that you might miss at first glance — but which you can’t un-see once you’ve noticed it. It is a visually compelling advertisement, definitely a strong beginning for a campaign by the King Khaled … Continue reading

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