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We ask for a Fatwa that Protects Women and Christians in Syria


That is what is happening to Christians in Syria!   She was raped by more than twenty men before being tortured and cruelly ended!  Is there still a human conscience in our free world and are there brave media talk and denounce such savagery?
This photo is it a montage? Impossible to say … Until evidence of rigging is prepared and submitted comments below, we decided to publish it on the blog of duty .
Assuming that this was the end of this earthly holy martyr , whose death is impressively connected to the Cross of Christ, we have in front of us the most shameful scandal that we have known and horror that exceeds the twentieth century has been able to offer our ancestors, as human ugliness and despicable violence.
This fact and harm practiced in Syria against the elderly, women and children, we want to understand, and the people, we want credible explanations and effective interventions, otherwise, all demands for democracy in Syria, issued by some States that are, will have no credit. As a result,
We ask …
The rebels , to explain what they have started the rebellion and leads to the worst massacres.
European governments , including French and English, they tell us why they support with as much energy as a violent rebellion, while they denounce the violence of the Syrian regime and the acts committed by the rebels are so terrible.
The Qatari government , to explain why he weapon fighters committing acts as vile as he claims to want to finance the development of immigrants in the Paris suburbs.
The Turkish government , to enlighten the world about the reasons that allow it to pass through its borders with Syria, the murderers of all kinds, as he is very aware of the actions of these wild elements.
The Saudi government , to explain if, since the beginning of Islam, he has had any sign from Allah confirming that it is not a crime to kill infidels. Should kill an infidel is not a crime to Allah, rape a girl, alone or with others, is it a murder for him? After similar acts were known in Syria, why the Saudi king did he not issue a fatwa condemning the rape of young girls and Christian women?
The U.S. government , let us know quickly when will it start to threaten the assassins to protect the weak and minority and stop doing when only its material and opportunistic interests are at stake?
The Israeli government , to remind us of the proposed in the last sixty years, to resolve the injustice decay will lead us to the obstinacy and the Syrian abyss gesture, he explains, which during the last hundred years are the most serious among the wrongs done to Jews by Arabs and those caused by the Europeans?
Without open government intervention mentioned above, putting pressure on Saudi Arabia to the statement of a fatwa condemning the rape of women and Christian girls from Syria, we assume that all charges against the current Syrian regime, are a criminal and immoral farce, to a hidden agenda, which have no connection with democracy, or the welfare of the Syrian people.

Watchman Nineveh

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Trying to put a stop to the lies being spread by the world press about Syria.


8 thoughts on “We ask for a Fatwa that Protects Women and Christians in Syria

  1. Reblogged this on Levant woman and commented:
    I’m sorry for the picture, I had to share this with everyone.. I can’t say a word though.

    Posted by levantine | 29/04/2013, 4:11 PM
  2. There is no doubt that terrible things are indeed happening to Christians in Syria now.

    But I must tell you that the awful image of the girl with the Crucifix in her mouth can’t be a recent image from Syria, as that particular image is from a short ‘horror’ film called Inner Depravity from 2005.

    I can personally verify that the image in question is definitely from that film. I would not recommend that anyone else watch it though – as it is absolutely disgusting.

    Posted by jas0ngee | 30/04/2013, 2:22 AM
  3. That photo was so powerful. Why was it removed?

    Posted by Skeggjold | 01/05/2013, 7:39 AM
    • It was found out that the photo came from a horror film. What is happening to the women is true as a fatwa came from Saudi Arabia, allowing the terrorists to take the women. These terrorists who are intent to spread Sharia Law around the world and turn women into sex slaves, must be stopped. It is the perverted Saudis that make these laws against women because they cannot control themselves sexually. The terrorists are killing in Syria with the false promise of having sex with virgins if the get killed. One of them asking his dying friend if he can see the virgins yet. I will find another photo to replace the one taken down.

      Posted by Womens Rights Advocate | 01/05/2013, 7:51 AM
  4. That picture staid with me all day and today I searched for it. To reconfirm. Now following your blog.

    Posted by Skeggjold | 01/05/2013, 7:42 AM


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